Teach at monkey tree-Learning English tips

Teach at monkey tree,Often people ask me: What is the trick of learning English? To be honest, to master a language, in the absence of the necessary language environment conditions, there is no shortcut to go. To sum up, only four words: hard work. I am definitely not just talking about it.

With my years of learning English experience, only over time, through the amount of change, it is possible to achieve a qualitative leap. I remember having a period of time, after a bit of hard work, I still feel that their English level is too slow to improve, so deliberately relaxed for a few days. Who would like to wait until the new beginning of learning, only to feel a lot of their own regress. Since then, I have to set up such a motto: "boxing from the hand, the song does not leave the mouth", perseverance. Learn English and interest is important. As Einstein said, "interest is the best teacher." The interest in learning English has greatly inspired my curiosity. It is said that the high level of English is the future to find the ideal job or even go abroad capital. This is true, but in addition, I think, English is a window, he shows us is a vast world, a school of novelty. When I was able to communicate with foreign friends in English, learn about foreign society, history, science and culture, and get first-hand information, I really realized the beauty of a language.

Learn English well, a set of scientific learning methods is essential. Due to individual actual situation is different, mechanically does not work. But I believe: as long as careful experience, and gradually explore, everyone can create a set of distinctive and effective learning methods. Here, I would like to talk to you about my learning English in the process of some of the experience for reference. Although in high school when my English is good, but just entered the university gate, I still deeply felt their own gap. To have a certain listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, we must first grasp the five thousand to eight thousand words. And as a high school graduate, my vocabulary was really pitiful. So, I decided to quickly expand the vocabulary as a major breakthrough. Some students like the back of the head of the vocabulary manual, and I think this way, both boring, but also conducive to flexible use. I then put the focus on reading, vocabulary and reading go hand in hand, resulting in a multiplier effect. In order to quickly expand the vocabulary from the beginning I chose some of the time is too difficult for us to read the material. Thousands of words of the article, usually there are two or thirty words. These articles cover a wide range of terms, including vocabulary in multiple fields.

I usually take the "two readings", that is, the first time to focus on training reading ability, the second time to focus on expanding vocabulary and cultivate language. At the beginning of the reading exercise, I refer to the book "Active Readers". First start from improving the reading speed. Focus on reading a length of the article, write down the beginning and ending time, and calculate the amount of time per unit of reading. Forcing yourself to read quickly, it became my habit. In the first reading process, I will focus on training speed, master the article and the basic structure, and find out the problem, in order to further read the focus on solving. The second reading of the focus of two: First, to expand the vocabulary. The specific approach is: the article again, check the birth of the word, remember a small notebook, there is time to take out the back. Back word, i never use the whole time. When learning other content less efficient, for me, the most appropriate word back. Every time the back of the time is not necessarily very long, expensive in repeated times. At that time I used the English-Chinese dictionary, because I think the English explanation is not easy to remember. And it is most important to understand the interpretation of words in the early stages of expanding vocabulary. In this way, with the increase in reading volume, the surface of the widening, my vocabulary will be leaps and bounds. Just later to prepare TOEFL, GRE and other exams, I began to back the vocabulary manual, and use the English explanation to understand the exact meaning of the word and the use of the language environment. The second focus of the second reading is to develop a sense of language. Carefully appreciate the wonderful language, pay attention to the use of words and with some of the paragraphs I often read aloud, and even recited down. This is conducive to strengthening the sense of language; for writing to lay the foundation. Through this two reading method, the reading of the contents of my mind left in the impression is generally very deep, but also improve the utilization of reading materials.

Saynotomonkeytreehongkong-Five minutes to understand the English punctuation correct format and usage

Saynotomonkeytreehongkong, Recently, when reading friends write English, always see some punctuation errors, sometimes blanks, sometimes full-size punctuation and half-way punctuation mix, there are some mistakes in English good people. But in fact the English punctuation is not so difficult, let this article once to help you get it
Eason Chang
Trying to type in English and share your mood is definitely a good thing, but "you have not gotten the English punctuation", and you have nothing to hide in your free po. Before starting all this, talk to you about the two priorities.
When playing in English, punctuation must be "semicolon"
Wrong demonstration: Hey there. How's it going?
There is no space between the punctuation mark and the English word before the punctuation mark, but there is a space between the English characters after the punctuation mark
Error Demonstration 1: "I hope I find someone like Alex," Felipa said wistfully.
Error 2: We've been away for a long time. And so we're anxious to get home again.
Although you have to say, of course, if you do not use the words, it does not affect the communication, but if you want to play out something is "correct", especially in the work of email contacts, it is best to follow the above principles Oh.
Next to help you organize the common English punctuation in English and the correct usage is as follows:
Comma comma
This is supposed to be one of the most different uses of Chinese in English writing. Chinese is accustomed to using commas to separate between sentences. However, in English, it is more specific:
Used to separate the different contents of the sentence.
Its function as in the Chinese "Dayton", but the difference is that the last list must be replaced by "and" to replace the comma.
I hate green pepper, broccoli and carrot.
I hate green peppers, cauliflower and carrots.
Connect two clauses.
In English, if there are such as, but, so, for, nor, yet and so on the connection, you need to use a comma to separate the sentence to facilitate the reader to read.
InRead invented by Teads
He overslept this morning, so he missed the bus.
Because he oversleep in the morning, so he missed the bus.
Connect the subordinate clause with the main clause.
In English, if there are such as, if, although, however, and so on the subordinate conjunction, you need to use a comma to separate the sentence to facilitate the reader to read.
He overslept this morning, he still caught the bus.
Although he overslept in the morning, but he took the bus.
Used to refer directly to a paragraph of text.
In English, it is necessary to use a comma to separate the words spoken by someone or a particular text, and to mark the quoted content in quotation marks.
My mom said to me, "Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today."
Mother told me: "Today, today is complete."
But if it is an indirect reference, you can not use commas and quotation marks.
My mom said I should take care of myself.
My mother told me that I should take care of myself.
So please do not put the "Chinese comma logic" directly applied in English above friends.
Xiao Bian slightly introduced the main use of the comma, if that is not enough detail, it is better to refer to this interesting TED film, the film used a very funny plot to explain the use of comma, take a look at it:

"Suffocated cat" rules of the game 

1 deck of cards, the size of the removal of the king, a total of 52, 2-5 people to play, usually 3-4 people playing. First, each person arrested seven cards, the maximum score (with the same score than the color black and red grass square) cards. Playing cards and the second to the first card of the same suit, regardless of size. If you have the first point and the same card can be replaced for any color suit, the third must be replaced after the suit cards. If not the first second of the same suit, nor with points cards, a card must be deducted, is suffocated. And so on! After every play a card, you want to automatically fill one, holding the hands of 7 cards, cards up until last. Last finished
  1 deck of cards, the size of the removal of the king, a total of 52, 2-5 people to play, usually 3-4 people playing.

First, each person arrested seven cards, the maximum score (with the same score than the color black and red grass square) cards.

To the first and second cards of the same suit, regardless of size. If you have the first point and the same card can be replaced for any color suit, the third must be replaced after the suit cards.

If not the first second of the same suit, nor with points cards, a card must be deducted, is suffocated.
And so on!
After every play a card, you want to automatically fill one, holding the hands of 7 cards, cards up until last. The last hand of cards applied to calculate the deduction under the card points.

Points calculation: A score of 1 2 2 points. . . J is 11 points, Q 12 points, K to 13 points.
Finally, calculate the size of all players buckle under the license points, or a total of 100. . To lose!

Because color can be replaced, so many changes, both technical and luck!

"Big Two" rules of the game and gameplay

Big Two of the card and type are the following:

Single: Any one single card.
One pair: two cards of the same point card.
Shun: Five consecutive cards adjacent to the point card, such as "34567" "910JQK" "10JQKA" "A2345" and so on, the number of sheets along must be 5, A can end in Hue, but also in the forefront along but not in the middle along, such as "JQKA2" is not smooth.
Miscellaneous Shun: not all of the same suit cards are called miscellaneous smooth.
Flush: Each card of the same suit are called cis flush.
Flush five: the same suit of five cards, but not smooth, called "flush five." As Hearts "278JK".
Gourd: For example: 99955.
Rail Extension: For example: 99995.
two. Size cards
1. Only the same number of sheets can compare the size of the card, for example: 99> 88, but you can not compare: 99 and 8.
2. The size of the single card: First card comparison point, the same point if the cards compare card suit. Pips decreasing order: 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3. Fancy descending order is: Spades> Hearts> square piece> Plum
3. Other card type when making comparisons have taken one of them the largest single brand by way of comparison: When three with a right, take a maximum of three. When four with a single, taking four largest one comparison. Junko biggest one compares Note 2 in straights as big. 23456 straight to the maximum, minimum and A2345
4. five cards of the type, flush largest iron supporting the second, third gourd, with spend five fourth, miscellaneous shun minimum. That is, after the home along a hybrid, you spend five with any one, hoist, iron branched or straight flush than hybrid Shunda.
three. Cards rule
1. The first cards to get by one 3 plum cards first, and the first round of the cards must be included in Box 3. After each of the cards on the decks by the winner (the first one applied in the hands of cards) cards, and the first round of licensing need not contain plum 3.
2. The first can be any type of a legitimate card.
3. The first of the cards, the card's number at home out of the first must be the same, while the ratio of the first out of the big brand; at home can also be expressed not Pass card, then the next one from the cards continue .
4. If all three consecutive Pass, then finally the cards can be re-played a new card type.
5. This continues until all the cards in the hands of a person lighting up.
four. Scoring rules
The calculation method is:
A normal end of the session, the players failed medal will consume: * base game hand the number of remaining cards.
Note: (1) storm Cards: cards at the end of the game in the hands of more than a certain number of shots is called storm card, penalty doubles when the storm card. 10 storms a card (10 cards containing 10 storm 9 impunity is not violent) 13 cards once again storm. At the end of (2) Games have got big dick or a monster (Flush, iron branch) is not out, the double penalty, there are several to several-fold.
Fives. Dropped penalty
Council dropped low penalty = 5 *

21 points

Texas Hold'em players with the highest number of points wins, the points must be equal to or less than 21:00; over 21 players called bust. 2:00 to 10:00 cards in card with the points are calculated, J, Q, K of each of 10 points. A can be written as 1:00 or 11:00, if players bust due to A and then A can be counted as one point. When the hand when the A count as 11 points, the hand will be called "soft card" (soft hand), because unless the player a chance to another card, or will not appear bust.
The dealer must be made before 17:00 cards, because there will be different rules for specific software or throwing fast hardware to distinguish between 17:00 until 17:00 suspension.
Each Gong Zhu player's goal is to get closest to 21 points to beat the dealer's cards, but at the same time to avoid the bust. It should be noted that, if the player bust earlier is lost, even if subsequently the dealer bust as well. If the player and the dealer have the same number of points, such a state is called "push" the player and the dealer are not winning or losing. Every game between the player and the dealer are independent, and therefore in the same inning, the dealer may lose some players, but also beat the other players.
Poker Napoleon table is usually printed with the minimum and maximum bets, each with a limit per casino table may be different. After the first pen of credits bet, the dealer deal the cards, if the license from one or two of cards, known as the "pitch" the Board; more common is licensing from four of cards. Makers will be sent to each player and himself two cards, the dealer's two cards is there will be a number of points upwards "winning numbers", all players Jieke see, is another point downward " dark card. " If users four cards, when the licensing points will be up, and if the "pitch" the licensing hand points row Seven downward.
In the American game of blackjack, if the dealer's winning numbers are 10 A or value cards, the dealer will confirm whether he will form a dark card blackjack. This will be confirmed prior to all players choose, but ago will be asked whether the players need "Insurance" (insurance, the winning numbers in the case of A). If the dealer's cards is Blackjack (blackjack), then all players instant considered lost, the loss of the first bet on the chip, unless the player itself is a Blackjack, or the formation of push status with points. (In some American casinos, bookmakers with European rules, will not go to confirm the dark card before all players are shot. In this case, when the dealer's cards is opened at blackjack, not all twenty that players considered lost.)
Two cards add up to 21 points (an A plus a value of 10 points cards) called "relocation expert Blackjack" (black jack), the player has the deck automatically become the winner (unless the dealer also holds there are blackjack, this points the same situation called push). Blackjack players have 1.5 times the bet can win chips. Most casinos only pay 1.2 times the amount; but usually only when using a deck of cards to play gamble.
Usually every four to six cards to play until the play left a half or until the re-shuffle.

Put behind


After a thorough shuffle a card sent to the desktop, inviting Flip cards an audience in front of the players finished all the cards any ordered a halt. Then let the audience will remember the top card and put it back the entire surface of the decks. After re-shuffle all the cards fanned out players, which successfully find the right answer.


The entire decks fanned open, so that the audience at random card and note the contents of the sign face, and Card show then put back the entire top of the cards. (Although the players do not know the contents of the sign face, do not worry, there will be a way to quickly)

Place the cards behind, he opened King hilltop it goes cards face up, and the remaining cards in opposite directions.

Out from behind playing cards, the cards to the audience, so you can clearly see All A was the top of the card poker face, that is, the audience selected card in advance.

No mention this to the audience Drunkards asked what they choose cards goes, the answer of course is no.

Again placed behind poker, the cards flip back the top, so that it, and other cards in the same direction.

Cut card, to show the audience the cards now, also for questioning. Of course, 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowlingthis answer is no.

Viewers may think you fail, do not worry, let them freely shuffle, because you already know what the answer is clearly yes. When they returned to the washing of poker when you quickly have to find cards goes, they will be astonished.

Post Release Monkey girl greeting cards to guy is the protagonist

It has now entered into in November 2015,diver and from the New Year is getting closer. Japan there is also the concept of zodiac, but they are to count according to the Gregorian calendar Fall in love with micro Greeting, so to say, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey in Japan.Successful card illustrations can make dream In recent years, Japan Post will be open free of charge on the Internet have the second element Greeting cards greetings library for happy gatherings Meng style greeting card templates to facilitate the public to choose.

Now the Japanese Post Office templates Monkey theme greeting cards,Card back surrounding toys card new play back collections  basically cute adorable sister-based play, this open greeting card template, a total of ten, this year designed specifically for women guy roles.Cards early childhood literacy Foil Cards The Monkey monkey theme but rather become accessories ah.

Role play card game competition

The game has different types of identity cards, the generals card,Card game generals six stages physical cards, playing cards including basic card, card kit, licensing, and other equipment, the number of gamers is 2-10 people. Meanwhile,Card games generals advance pla the web version of this game also can provide online multiplayer fun, enjoy the enemy to fight, experience thrilling bloody.

The main types of identity Bureau to play,Children do not try to focus on playing card the national war, supplemented by other kinds of play, this does not enumerate here. Identity Bureau for novices initial contact play, so this article will detail. This mode is very heavy and teamwork,Card games for kids under age eight and therefore understand the rules of the game, in order to know ourselves and win every battle.

All roles to the most demanding traitor victory conditions,Poker card can help mindfulness training children but can also show the wisdom of this role players.